Stockland Village Hall Committee

Proposed Youth Club

The Hall Committee recently circulated a questionnaire to the children and youth of the parish asking if they would be interested in attending a youth club at the Victory Hall. The questionnaire asked about the type of activities they would be interested in and whether any parents would be willing to help in the organisation of the club, a total of 72 questionnaires were sent. The responses to the questionnaire showed there were a large number of children in the age range 9 –14 who support the idea and a number of parents indicated that they were willing to assist. The Hall Committee have analysed the returned questionnaires and will now progress the proposal to the next stage. The parents who have offered to help will be contacted in the New Year with a view to holding a meeting to discuss how they would be able to support a youth club.
There are many subjects to be considered when forming a youth club including funding and legislative compliance. We will keep you updated with progress.
If you have any questions or would like to help please contact Dawn on:
Tel: 01404 881000 or email
Thank you for your support during 2017
Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year
Stockland Victory Hall Committee