A Plea for the Bees

This is a plea for folk not to be tempted to mow their grass too early despite the sunshine as bees and other pollinators need the first flush of dandelions and daisies that grow in most lawns. Wendy

"We have pollinators to thank for every third mouthful we eat. Not only do they pollinate our food crops, but they’re also vital for the survival of other wild plants that support so much of our wildlife."

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The Red Mason Bee (pictured) is widespread in England and Wales and particularly likes the range of flowers and trees found in domestic gardens. It is a more efficient pollinator of fruit crops than the honeybee and by attracting them to your garden not only will you notice improved fruit crops - apples, plums, pears, strawberries and raspberries - but the bees also visit a wide range of garden flowers.