Ring the Changes

You might have noticed if you live near the Church that we are struggling at times to get a full team of 6 to ring for the morning service on a Sunday. It would be great if we could get some more local people trained up as bell-ringers who could join us and make up a full team. So, this is an appeal for a full peal and a request that more people take up campanology. If you might be interested to have a go and try your hand at ringing the bells I was going to start doing an evening session for people to learn the basics. You dont have to be hugely strong or look like Quasimodo, a sense of timing and the ability to listen are far more important skills. We would probably be doing this on a Monday evening but I was initially seeing what the interest might be. If it sounds like something that might ring your bell then let me know on 01404 881207 or durq52@btinternet.com