Stockland Tree

The Tree is a simple email service for residents of Stockland parish and our neighbours about Stockland matters. If you wish to join please include your name and your address in your request. Email will be forwarded to the email address you use to make your request. Thankyou.

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Stockland Tree was created about 7 years ago (circa 2009) by Joe, a Stockland resident. His email 'bush telegraph' has grown to a large membership throughout the local area. Joe's Tree and Stockland website have happily co-existed in recent years and while the website allows Stockland to reach out to the world to advertise local businesses, holiday accommodation and public events; Joe's Tree provides details of upcoming social events and other local items primarily of interest to its members. Joe has now (July 2016) 'retired' from his role running the Tree and it is run by the editor of the website. We wish Joe a happy future and thank him not only for creating the Tree but also for working closely with the website in recent years.

There is no information about Tree members stored within this website.

Current Service Issues: None