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Weather outlook for June

June is usually the driest and sunniest month. Frequent Atlantic depressions pass to the north, but gales are less likely than in other months. Periods of rain with warm cloudy weather are followed by brighter clearer weather brought by north-westerly winds. High pressure is more likely in June bringing light westerly winds, cloudless skies and long hours of sunshine. Light warm southerly winds can bring coastal fog to the southwest.

Weather forecast at the nearest similar location

(Axminster is about 5 miles southeast of Stockland)

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River Levels

There is one river level monitoring station within the catchments of Stockland Parish and that is located on the river Yarty at Court Place Farm. For the current river level at that station see

Weather records

Please click HERE for the Stockland weather records page.


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Stockland village monthly minimum temperature in centigrade (celsius)