The Legendary Stockland Eggathon

Spot the Egg!

Thrown overarm, underarm, pitched really high or as gently as you possibly can. There it goes with a flurry of other raw eggs heading skywards as a crowd of partners in this mad event reach out as far as they can. They are all eager to make that record breaking catch. A brief moment of silence in the watching crowd as they anticipate the hilariously messy outcome for the failed attempts before the wild cheering for the successes.

It's the legendary Stockland Eggathon. The all time record for a successful catch is 97 feet and the winning catch in 2018 was a credible 89 feet. It's the closing event of this afternoon of family fun, eagerly awaited and undeniably the highlight of the day. Anyone can enter, anyone can win. Get your entry ticket early to avoid the queue!