Stockland Covid-19 Mutual Aid ---- Request for Volunteers

The objective of this group is to monitor and support all those within our village community who are self isolating and unable to leave their home.

Thank you to those who have already offered their services with leafletting their immediate neighbours and offering to pick up supplies for those who are self isolating. I'll be emailing you all with instructions soon. We are still allowed to carry out this function with the PM’s recent lockdown instruction.

Please could anyone else who is happy to take this on, please email me at with their home location as soon as possible.

Additionally if anyone is already self isolating, please let me know so we can maintain contact with you and assist as necessary.

Once a list of volunteers has been collated their geographic location will be mapped in order to plot out responsibility areas. (The idea is that each volunteer doesn't have too much of a distance to manage. )

We have been monitoring the national mutual aid groups for good practice and standardised procedure in particular reference to money and grocery handling to ensure the transaction is as easy and safe as possible. These procedures will be shared with each volunteer and will also be placed on the ’Stockland Community’ facebook page that Claire and I have set up. Please if you are on facebook, do join the group It was originally set up as a village notice board but can also be used during this challenging time as an additional support network and information sharing portal. We are all in this together so any additional research and information gathering and sharing from anyone would be very useful.

For those not on email or facebook, posters will also be placed in key locations around the village explaining what we are doing.
Any queries, please email me on the address above.
Many thanks
Amanda Thompkins
Stockland Parish Council.