Extra Help

Stockland Defibrillator Voluntary Emergency Telephone Scheme

This service has been funded by Stockland Parish Council.

If you are alone with someone who has collapsed and is unresponsive and you have dialled 999 and the operator advises you to collect the defibrillator from the red telephone box in the centre of the village, here is the telephone number to call as well as 999 in order to get extra help. For example, you may need assistance to collect the defibrillator or to provide emergency cardio-pulmonary resuscitation before the ambulance arrives.

When you dial the number the phone will ring at 9 different telephone numbers (at present) simultaneously throughout the village, on the landlines of people who have volunteered to provide this service. They have all received basic defibrillator awareness training, some are trained to a higher level of competency. There can be no absolute guarantee that a response will be obtained, the volunteers may be unavailable or occupied with an activity they cannot leave eg child-care. However, where this system operates in other areas of the UK it appears to work well.

The number is 01404 565100.
Perhaps store this number on your mobile phone and landline.

Please note that this is not an emergency number for other medical problems, it is only for probable cardiac emergencies when the defibrillator may have to be used.

For the attention of those who have kindly offered to participate in the scheme, if you answer the phone you will hear the call "rescue - rescue - rescue". If you then dial 1 you will be put through to the person making the call. If you do not dial 1 then the phone will go on ringing at the other 8 (at present) numbers. Your own landline number will not be available to the person making the call.

Best wishes