Stockland Fair Volunteer Page

Fair day is fast approaching

We will be very grateful for assistance with the preparations and for lots of help on the day

Fair Set Up Day - Sunday 26th May An 8.30 am start and we will be aiming to set things up ready for the Fair. Lots of jobs to do, putting up the stalls and marquees, collecting and distributing tables, pegging out areas, doing signs and bunting, setting up the PA cables. The more we get done on the Sunday the calmer will be the Monday!

Fair Day - Monday 27th May
People will be there from early to get ready for stall holders and others to arrive. We are still keen to hear from anybody who wants to get involved with any aspect of the Fair. Contact me or Jill. Would also welcome any prizes for our Raffle.

David Urquhart
Jill Mills


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