New Fines for Householders

Beware the friendly tipper or van driver who says he is licensed to carry waste. If he is not licensed and fly-tips your waste, you are responsible and could face a fine of up to £400

"Since February 2020, we’ve introduced an additional fixed penalty fine against householders who fail in their duty of care in respect of how their waste is disposed. The penalty is exactly the same as it already is for anyone caught actually fly-tipping waste themselves." EDDC..

£200 fine for small fly tips
£400 fine for medium and large fly tips.
You must either pass waste on to the council’s collection service, or take certain waste to recycling centres or pass it on to registered waste carriers. You must not pass waste on to any person who does not hold a licence.
If unlicensed collectors are used they may fly tip the waste and in these cases, it is you, the householder who remains responsible for it. If the fly tipper cannot be found then the originator of the waste can be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Householders can check that waste carriers are licensed on the Environment Agency website