Bird Box Occupancy in Stockland Turbaries - 2016

Marsh Tit

Bird & Small Mammal Boxes

Geoff Pearce ( Devon Bird Watching & Preservation Society & Turbaries Committee) has been responsible for the construction and location of many bird/small mammal boxes within the Stockland Turbaries for a number of years. The 145 bird boxes have had roughly a 50% occupancy this year. Hi-lights include 5 pairs of Tawny Owls - one each on Quantock, Bucehayes, Huntshayes, Shore Bottom and Horner Hill respectively. These produced 3 young that fledged on each of Horner Hill, Huntshayes and Bucehayes; and 2 young that fledged on each of Shore Bottom and Quantock - 13 new owls in all! Geoff reports that the pair of Marsh Tits returned to a Dormouse box on Quantock this year, and 2 young birds fledged. This is a declining species and is rarely seen here. Previous Marsh Tit nesting occurred in Quantock in 2015, 2009 and 1994, and prior to that in a box at Huntshayes in 1989.
A full breakdown of the location of boxes, the numbers of them that were occupied, and the species involved can be downloaded HERE