6 Circular Walks in and around Stockland

Walk 1 Happy Valley and the Umborne Brook
Walk 2 Horner Hill and the English Channel
Walk 3 Stockland Village to Millhayes, Broadhayes and back
Walk 4 Stockland Hill, the Turbaries and the Umborne Brook
Walk 5 Wytch Lane, Rower Fort and North Hill
Walk 6 Stockland to Lake, Langbeer and Featherlake

Change to Walk 4 - Please note that the public footpath in the Cooks Moor area which is used as part of walk 4 has been re-routed. The change should not detract from the enjoyment of this walk. You can download a copy of the Devon County Council map of this change at the foot of this page.

Stockland Footpaths are maintained by the Parish Council with the support of Devon County Council through their P3 programme. The Parish Co-ordinator is Amanda Tompkins and the contact is Richard Griffiths -telephone 01404-831207 who welcomes any comments or reports especially regarding any difficulties or deficiencies.

The 6 walks are described in detail with photographs and full colour maps in a free leaflet available from the monthly Country Market at Stockland Victory Hall and from the Parish Co-ordinator. It is also available from Dalwood village community shop

Please click on the images to download copies of the leaflet which you are welcome to print for your personal use.

We also recommend Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 116 Lyme Regis and Bridport for those who want to find their own walk in this beautiful part of Devon and maybe combine it with a visit to the Jurassic Coast.

Walking dogs on farmland

Footpaths around Stockland cross farmland with livestock. Please keep dogs on leads and be aware that normally docile cattle can react aggressively to dogs because they see them as a threat. Likewise sheep are disturbed just by the presence of dogs. There are two dairy herds that regularly cross either the Old Chard Road at Battens Farm or move along the lanes between Aller Farm, Cokers Elm Cross and Crandons Cross. Pheasants and ducks are reared here particularly to the Northwest of the village and deer are farmed on the high land at Profits Down. Please help us to support our local farmers by acting responsibly.

Please help us to prevent the spread of the parasite Neospora Caninum which can be present in dog faeces. The problem is increasing and threatens dairy herds. Put simply it's a nasty disease that can be carried by a dog without any ill effect but is transmitted to cows through dog faeces left in the grass. Once infected the cow has it for life and the effects are disastrous. Dogs get it through contact with a range of contaminated material in the countryside and can therefore transmit the disease from farm to farm. Neospora remains in the grass for very long periods even after the dog faeces have broken down. Please bag and bin dog poo, to help keep cattle healthy.

Please use the Bins
There are several public litter bins in Stockland village, and East Devon District Council advise:
"Q - Can I use a litter bin if there is no dog bin nearby?
Yes. However, where possible please use a dog bin. If neither is available, please take your dog's mess home with you and dispose of it in your landfill bin. If you have to use a litter bin please ensure it is properly bagged."